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Things you should know before using a band saw

We, DIY lovers, craftsman, and handyman, all know how important of the best band saw in the processes of making the material. Not only the ability to cut metal, wood, glass or plastic but also, a band saw can work very well at making curved lines with perfect accuracy. However, there are still some more wonderings on this, for instances: is this really able to cut metal? Exactly which materials it can cut? What are don’ts while using a band saw? Those will be answered clearly in this article.

1.     Is a band saw really able to cut metal?

Yes, a band saw, alongside its main function in woodcutting, it is also able to cut metal and some other materials as well. However, in details, it just cut some mild metal such as aluminum, bronze, etc. To have the ability to cut metals, a band saw needs to be equipped with suitable blade. Usually, it is made from bimetal or carbon steel. Each kind will provide different capacities to cut. For examples, while a bimetal band saw blade can carry out the metal cuttings with hard materials like stainless steel, a carbon steel blade can only work well on mild steel if it reaches a suitable speed rate.
In turn, the better, the more expensive. A bimetal blade has a higher price than the carbon steel. Thus, users need to consider which materials you cut the most to choose the most suitable and economical blade.

2.     Exactly which materials a band saw can cut?

In reality, the majority use of a band saw is to cut wood. For this function, a carbon steel blade is used popularly. About the type, a horizontal band saw is a perfect choice for woodcutting. However, if you would like to utilize different blade types, it is fine if these are allowed on the manual or sales guide. Many other kinds of band saw have the ability to cut various materials such as metals, plastics, or even glasses. These kinds whose blades are usually made from bimetal are rather expensive and their circle lives are based on how often you use them and how many kinds of the materials they have to cut.

3.     What are don’ts while using a band saw?

First of all, never utilizing the tool used for woodcutting, even the best bandsaw to cut metal deftly lest, you will ruin it and of course, spend money on buying another blade. The carbon steel is not able to cut metal, especially the stainless steel because this is thicker and harder than the blade, which is over its limit.
Besides, never forget to check the blades before use, especially you have it been borrowed by another craftsman. Nobody can predict anything will happen, thus, to ensure the safety principles, check whether or not there are any mistakes hidden inside the saw, like twisted blade, broken blade, or faults in the motor.
A small talk about the tooth patterns, there are some rules of thumb that you should follow to keep the blade, in particular speaking, and the entire band saw, in general, last long as much as possible. With a wood cutting blade, its tooth is fewer per inch for the purpose of fast cutting but in turns, the cutting will be tougher than a blade used for cutting metal. With this type of blade, if you use it to cut thin materials, you need to choose the kinds with more teeth per inch than the one for cutting thick materials.
Material cutting can be carried out in two types of band saw including the horizontal and the vertical. While a horizontal just offers a determined width of its blade, a vertical band saw has a wide range of blades for many different projects. So, choosing the type of band saw is also rather essential depending on how complicating of your projects.

Band saw is one of the most important machines in material cutting. As a craftsman or handyman or just a DIY lover, you need to understand what benefits and uses of each tool you are using, not except a band saw. Hope that this article helps you much and wish you have happy moments with your jobs

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Band saw – safe practice and operation

A. Safe Operating Procedure
1. Set the upper guard about 1/8 "to 1/4" above the material to be cut.
2. Select the appropriate width of the blade. Too tight radius for the cutting blade could damage it.
3. Keep the blade sharp. If the blade pulls to one side, it may be because the blade should be changed or that the guides are not adjusted properly. The guides should be close but not tight against the blade (paper thickness of each side).
4. The teeth of the blade must face downward or in the direction of movement of the blade.
5. Check blade tension frequently. Make the necessary adjustments. Check blade settings manually.
6. Adjust blade so they moves to the center of the wheels and straight through the guides.
7. When there is no cutting, the blade should be 1/16 "of an inch in front of" blade carrier of the wheel. "
8. Make sure the room is free of nails, paint or other obstructions.
9. Made clear and precise lines on your materials so you can see your lines at a reasonable distance.
10. Plan your cuts to avoid having to go back in a curve (cutter body)
11. Plan your cuts, made of strips of cuts before cutting long curves.
12. If the saw is variable speed, the speed should be operated at about 3000 feet per minute for wood.
13. Do not start cutting until the saw running at full speed
14. Push the timber in the saw as soon as the saw can easily cut it.
15. For the hand sawing, use one hand to guide the work and the other to push the work in the saw.
16. Do not force or wood does not twist into the blade to produce undue stress on it.
17. If your room gets stuck to the blade, do not to go back until the power was turned off and the machine stops completely
18. Always turn off the machine before loosen the blade of a cutter.
19. Always use the fence or miter gauge when making straight cuts.
20. The table has to be tilted for bevel cuts.
21. Never cut cylindrical materials. They must beings mounted in a retainer to prevent it from turning and breaking the blade.
22. Removing all pieces of wood on the table, it must be done with a brush or another piece of wood only when the power is off and the blade is stopped.
23. The fingers should never be at a distance of less than 2 "(5cm) of the blade.
B. General Practice Safe:
Always wear your safety glasses
Do not use tools without the presence of the instructor
Do not wear clothing that could get caught (loose clothing).
Keep the floor clean
Make sure the saw ais earth ground (ground).
Keep guards in place at all times.
Ask for help if a part is too big to be handled alone.
Make all adjustments when the machine is completely stopped.
Keep your hands at a safe distance from the blade. (2 inch (5 cm))
Pay special attention to your work. The operator should be the one within the security zone.
Use a pusher when cutting small room.
Never drive around a moving blade with your hand.
Never place your hand or thumb in line with the cutting part of the blade during a cut.
Never attempt to remove small pieces of wood near the blade while the saw is running.
Never leave a machine based unattended.
When you finish your cut, stop the machine and wait until it stops before stepping away.

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About Bandsaw Worm Gears

About Bandsaw Worm Gears

Bug gears are used while large gear discounts are wished. The set-up permits the person to determine rotational pace and also permits for higher torque to be transmitted.
Many malicious program gears have an thrilling assets that no other gear set has: the computer virus can effortlessly flip the tools, but the tools can not turn the malicious program. that is due to the fact the worm perspective is so shallow that when the equipment tries to spin it, the friction between the gear and the trojan horse holds the trojan horse in region.

The 3 exceptional varieties of worm equipment are:
  • ·        No throat –  a immediately malicious program without a groove machined around the circumference. A unmarried shifting point affords tooth touch that makes it problem to excessive unit load wear and tear.
  • ·        Unmarried throat – concave helical enamel wrapped around the computer virus for line contact, which means better unit loads with less extra put on.
  • ·        Double throat – typically called a cone or hourglass, this kind has concave tooth on each the worm screw and the tools to help growth the touch location and allow for expanded unit masses with decrease wear and tear.

How They work
An electric motor applies rotational power to the computer virus, the bug rotates in opposition to the wheel, and the screw face pushes at the tooth of the wheel. The wheel is pushed in opposition to the burden. The worm (screw) constantly rotates and drives the bug wheel.
In a worm gear pressure, electricity is transmitted from screw to wheel but never transmitted from wheel to screw (trojan horse). that is called self-locking and is useful in lots of applications.
Pace ratio is determined via the variety of worm equipment enamel and the range of starts. power transmission decreases with accelerated speed ratio.
Observe: A screw (malicious program) is said to have one start if it advances one groove (in linear course), in a single complete revolution. it's far stated to have two starts if it advances.

Selecting a computer virus tools over a widespread gear

A computer virus tools will have a big reduction ratio with little attempt by adding circumference to the wheel. it could be used to either significantly growth torque or significantly lessen pace. It takes a traditional gear set more than one reductions to gain the identical reduction level of a single bug gear. because of this malicious program equipment customers have fewer transferring components and less places for failure.

Because of the friction between the malicious program and the wheel, it's miles hard for a wheel with force implemented to it to begin the malicious program shifting. On a fashionable gear, the input and output may be turned independently as soon as enough force is implemented. This necessitates adding a backstop to a standard gearbox, further growing the difficulty of the equipment set.

Although a worm tools will always have a few headaches in comparison to a popular gear set, it can be an powerful and dependable piece of device. With a touch attention to setup and lubricant choice, worm gears can offer dependable provider.