Saturday, November 5, 2016

Pressure pool cleaner review

If you have your own swimming pool, you may have to take the time to clean it. But fortunately, we have automatic pool cleaners which help us to clean pools without much or no effort. Although there are many different pool cleaners, we can device them into three main types: pressure pool cleaners, suction pool cleaners and robotic pool cleaners. If you want to clean the pool completely, you should choose carefully to find the most suitable type for your pool which have high quality. You need to consider the size and shape of the pool to have a right pool cleaner because if you have an above-ground pool, not all pressure pool cleaners will work.

Now let’s have more information about pressure pool cleaner.

Why you should buy a pressure pool cleaner? It is one of the most popular types of pool cleaning equipment. You can both clean your pool and do others thing because pressure cleaners run automatically. Although you are away from your home, you still keep your pool clean and free of bacteria and algae. Moreover, you can allow the machine to work on its own for hours, ensuring that the pool is clean every time you and your family are ready to enjoy it. This types of automatic pool is really good for the pools which contain a lot of debris.
Pressure pool cleaners were used a lot for older pool which had been built with pressure side port, while nowadays most of them are built with suction side port. What they do, they use the pressure of the water, which gets returned back in the pool where it vacuums all the dirt and debris in the pool main system. Some of debris goes straight to the bag which is attached to the cleaner. This thing is good, because it reduces the wear and tear of the pool filter and the pump. Besides, pressure cleaners can be a significant addition to your pool's maintenance routine. They are especially useful for larger chunks of debris, like leaves and small branches, and have more power than a pressure side pool cleaner. 

You should consider some factors of this type cleaner to compatible it with the pool such as: suction power, booster pump.  Because pressure cleaners require more suction, they also require the use of a booster pump. If the vacuum has an onboard booster, you may still need to ensure that you have a booster line you can connect it to. If it requires an external booster, you will have to contact your pool professional to have a booster pump installed to operate the machine.

The negative side of automatic pressure pool cleaners is that most of them require a separate pump, so they can work. Ones which don’t have it aren’t so effective and also most of them need a separated built port. If you have a pool which is made for pressure side cleaners than you can also easily use suction pool cleaners.

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